Happiness 24×7


Happiness – a fundamental emotion of humans.

Everything we do in our life, every action, is in pursuit of happiness. Yet we are not there.
The world is filled with so much sadness and depression that UN had to declare a World Happiness Day!

Why is that a world filled with so much technology, money and thousands of forms of entertainment, sad ?
The rich aren’t happy neither are the poor.

Doesn’t that mean the problem lies within us ?
The present inhabitants have huge inflated egos, that happiness has no space left. Just like there isn’t any for oxygen. Or trees.

Something didn’t happen – unhappy
Someone didn’t respond – psychotic

The will to change oneself, when something goes bad or wrong is almost nill ( I am taking a guess here, looking at so many fake smiles or unhappy faces).

The only happy people I see are, who never let external situations let them down whatsoever. They see capability in their abilities.
These are the people who are always happy, always happy to help others, always happy to cook, happy to learn more, happy to accept mistakes, happy to dance, happy to sing, happy happy and more happy.

Note –

Today is UN’s first World Happiness Day.
Read more about it here – http://www.un.org/en/events/happinessday/sgmessage.shtml


2 thoughts on “Happiness 24×7

  1. I think people pursue different things in life assuming those would keep them happy, forgetting that the happiness comes from within. You can’t be more correct about people who are happy don’t let external factors influence their emotions. You rock girl!!!!

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