Baabai – Ammai :D


Baabai – What is for lunch B?

Ammai – Well the President and the Co-founder of the company came down from HQ. So we had a lunch meeting.

Still typing about the menu, when……..

Baabai – OMG! You are eating them!

Ammai – Ammai reaction (brahmi style)



Baabai (in Hyd) and Ammai (random village in US) joblessly chatting in gmail.

Suddenly, ammai remembers that she is at office and tries to work for few minutes.

Ammai – Will be back in 5, baabai, going to the copy room.

Baabai – Okay.

Waits for 30 minutes, but still no sign of ammai who, totally forgot about the chat and is now concentrating on some useless report.

Baabai – Don’t tell me you went to the Paste room too.

Ammai got the PJ alert. 😛



Ammai – Baabai, IIT ki opposite enti ?

Baabai – Isn’t it clear ? UUCoffee!

Ammai shocks, baabai rocks!

(Note – totally copied)


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