Dark, and not lovely ?

Being dark skinned, I tuned myself to be extra-terrestrially calm for days like these.

Because the rage of a dark skinned woman (remember Kali?) can be fatal. Yes.

Why calm or rage? What days? If you have dark skin (DS, this could go on for a while) and you are an Indian, you would know.

In India, being dark is like a fair person taking a dip in a drain. They expect you to wash off the color by drowning in a sea of fairness creams. If you don’t get it off, you are in for some future anger management sessions.

Angry birds will be huge among us, if the pigs can be customized with the faces of our relatives.TM.  [Just an another million dollar idea] [Sigh]

The discrimination is ‘almost’ equal for both the genders. (Yes, for women it is much worse.)

Some of the compliments we get:

“Don’t worry, they can’t spot you at night. Except if you smile.”  (So, our teeth are compensating for what our skin is lacking? How funny, Bahaha!)

“Really? that color? It will make you look more darker!”  (Oh! how considerate.)

“Ugh, being fair skinned is such a curse (now, really?). You (DS) have such a reliable skin tone, you can go out whenever you want, without worrying about getting tanned.”  (we do get tanned, my fair lady).

and the best of all…..

“Oh! what a lucky (DS) girl! She bagged a FS boy.” [Yeah. Luck. WOW-ed for life.]


( Even babies aren’t spared.)

With a huge support from family and relatives, DS people grow up to the notion that they are good for nothing and cannot marry a person who is FS.

If they did, that is a privilege for them, and be thankful to the FS spouse and his/ her parents their entire lives.

Because the FS people are doing a social service by marrying DS. (Magnanimous, no?)

The obsession for fairness has reached repugnant levels. The insults are too much for many.

Because according to the mainy fairness creams advertisements, DS people are too inferior to have friends or confidence or job or not even eligible to get married and is a huge shame to the family.

The fairness cream changes it all! (Our savior!)


You may ask what is wrong with the Indian society.

Please, I beg you, not to open that CAN OF WORMS! Don’t you dare! You can never, ever live peacefully with what you are after that.


( Color > achievements. The hairstyle changes too.)