Hello Blogsters!

Semi annual (sale ? :D), favorite number (that’s right, it’s 10) and in the year of doom, I finally started my blog.

I thank Madhu Baabai (for that push into more cyber craziness), random thoughts, weird people, stupid people, stranger blogs (Oh! the horror) blah…..blah…..blah….and finally WordPress for their encouragement to eat your brain (thank you random stranger).

So, hair on your head (not considering other parts) is really important, a vanity factor for many. Agree? Good, so, let’s talk about Sonia Gandhi’s hairstyles.

Okay, NO, the heart attack won’t be necessary, I am actually gonna talk about my blog’s name. Yes, google search (everything) enthusiasts, that quote was by Rumi. (Of course, it would help if Sonia shatters herself into oblivion.)

This quote struck me because it almost defined Shiva tandavam to me. Shiva tandavam – the dance of enlightenment, the dance that shatters all the boundaries. Rumi was a sufi mystic from Persia and Shiva (orginally nobody knew his name, so he was given the name Shiva by his disciples, the saptarishis) was a yogi from Kailash. How the thoughts of the enlightened resonate is truly amazing, transcending many barriers that we build such as race, caste, creed, religion etc.

The title (quote) can be taken literally and figuratively. Just like Hulk who does everything (let that be talking or breaking bones) with a powerful scream, you can turn your life into a joyful dance. Of course, screaming would help too, only that, the repetition might lead your voice box to explode. I guess we need to be irradiated for that.  So, I went from Rumi to Shiva to Hulk ? Oh, Well.

Welcoming myself into the blogging world with a scream! and a disco dance, see you around. 😉

Step Up! 😀